Specialist In Calibration Of Process Control Equipments

Calibration For ISO 9000
Desigining Of Process Instrumentation
Selection Of Instruments
Designing Of Process Loops
Preperation Of Drawings
Convertion Of Existing Systems To Latest Technology
Preparing Drawings For Old Machines / Systems

Consultation To Sort Out Process Instrumentation Problems.
Consultation To Select Instruments For The Process.
Consultation For Calibration Laboratory Set-Up
About Us...
Perfect Instrumentation Controls is propritery company. since from 1999 & having a good qualified Trained staff to serve our various customers. We are providing solution for any Instrumentation problems under one roof.
Our Goal is to give better service to the customers by updating knowledge of our Engineers / Technicians & updating our equipments & methods of operation.
With better technology & Better Quality, our staff & customers shall be benefited.
Calibration Of
• Pressure Gauge • Pressure Switch
• Vacuum Gauge • Compound Gauge
Pressure Transmitter D/P Transmitter
Level Transmitter • Pressure Releife valve
• Pressure Safety Valve Flow Transmitter
• Temperature Controller • Process Indicator
• Temperature Sensor • Temperature Scanner
• Temperature Transmitter • Temperature Switch
• Thermometer • Infrared Thermometer
• Oven • Incubator
Volt Meter AC/DC Amp. Meter AC/DC
Multimeter Clamp Meter
Meger mv.Meter AC / DC
Digital Calibrators Oham Meter
RPM Meter  
•Vernier Caliper • Micrometer
• Dial Bore Gauge • Thickness Gauge
• Dial Gauge • Height Gauge
• Measuring Tape • Measuring Scale
• LVDT Sensor  
Laboratory Instruments
• Centrifuge • Oven
• Furnace • Water Bath
• Stirrer • pH Meter
• Conductivity Meter • Orp Meter
• pH / ORP Transmitter  
Medical Instruments
• B.P.Apparatus • Thermometer
• Suction Machine • Pressure Indicator
• Autoclave • Babay Warmenr
• Incubator • Water Bath
• Centrifuge • Oven
Load Testing:
• Electrical Switches, Limit
• Sw. Or Any Relay Contact
• With A Constant Load.
Heat Rise Test:
• Heat Rise Due To Load
• PLC Projects
Data Acquisition System
Scada Systems
• System Automation
Leakage Detector RCPT Unit
• Bellow Testing Machine Tumbler
• Control Panels & Desk • Test Jig
• Test benches Software's – History card
• Manufacturing of Tailor Made Instruments & Machines
Temperature controllers PID Controllers
• Pressure Switches Alarm Annunciator
I/P Converter Flow Nozzle
Flow Sensors • Orifice Plate
Annubar • Pilot Tube
Venturi Tubes  
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Tel. 2583 0496 Telefax - 6798 2839

Calibration of Pressure Instruments | Calibration of Thermal Instruments | Calibration of Electrical Instruments |   Calibration of Precision Instruments  | Calibration of Medical Instruments | Calibration of Testing Instruments | Calibration of Automation Instruments | Calibration of Manufacturing Instruments | Calibration of Trading Instruments

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