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UV Sanitizer / UV Box

We are into the field of Instrumentation, manufacturing customized Instruments and services for the last 20 years. To cater to the current situation of the pandemic we have manufactured two efficient and cost-effective products for your needs.

This UV Sanitizer (Ultraviolet Sanitizer) is useful to sanitize Specs before & after Trail. Also sanitize Cash, courier packets envelops & other products also.

1. UV Sanitizer (Lab Tested. Test certificate available)

UV Sanitizer sanitizes and disinfects the surface of daily used materials like masks, glows, cash, clothes, shoes, jewellery or all other products in just 60 seconds. The proven method used for the last 40 years is used for Sanitizer. Lab test results prove that this UV Sanitizer kills all types of bacteria, viruses, yeasts by 99.99% within 60 sec.

UV Sanitizer Manufacturer and Supplier


This is Contactless and environment friendly effective surface sanitization method. This ultraviolet sanitization box (UV Box) or UV Container (UVC) consists of a short, more energetic wavelength of light capable of efficiently destroying bacteria/viruses and is also particularly effective against the genetic material in COVID-19 virus. The radiation warps the viral RNA structure. This prevents the viral particles from replicating, that is, making more copies of themselves, thus inhibiting viral growth and spread. Hence, our UV Container is effective against this and all other bacteria/viruses. Handheld devices such as office and household material, stationary material, handbags, purses, food packets, etc. can be disinfected within 60 seconds. This method of sanitizing such items by employing UV light avoids the harmful effects of the chemicals that are generally used for disinfection.

Salient features
1. Emergency Shutdown
2. Timer setting for UV Exposure
3. Auto power cut off when Timer stops
4. 99.99% Virus deactivation
5. No Chemical & Water Needed

Size 350 mmL x 300 mmW x 200 mmD
Supply Voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz 1 Amps.
Wavelength 250 To 270 nm
Mounting Type Table Mounting
Model Vertical - UV-01-V
Horizontal – UV-01-H
Life Span of UVC 5000 Hrs

(Note:- Our product is lab tested and certified for sanitization of bacteria, viruses for 99.99% in less than 60 seconds, by putting your product for just 1 minute in the UVC chamber will reduce your product reusability time or product quarantine time for just 1 minute, in 1 mint your sanitized products are available for your customer trail which have all safety precautions)

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Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Contactless hand sanitizer dispenser

This is a contactless sanitizer dispenser and sprays an alcohol-based hand rub sanitizer for sanitizing hands. These sanitizer dispensers can be installed at the entrance of buildings, hospitals, malls, offices, etc. Users can hold their hands below the spray nozzle of the device, after which the sanitizer dispenser will detect the presence of hands and spray the sanitizer stored in its tank through the said nozzle, thus sanitizing users’ hands.

This contactless anitizer dispenser is a mist-based dispenser that will optimize sanitizer consumption per operation.
Put your hand below Nozzle, Sanitizer will spray on hand, till your hand is below nozzle.

Specification of the unit
Mode of operation : Automatic Mist mode.
Usage : Contactless
Dimension : 320 mm X 360 mm X 115 mm deep
Electrical Input : 230 VAC 50 HZ
Mounting Style : Wall Mounting