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Alarm Annunciator

Alarm Annunciator


Any manufacturing process or equipment needs close monitoring, it is effectively done by employing Annunciation system. The system provides Audio and Visual indication of faults. DYNATEK make AB/ABM series is one of the most advanced, highly reliable and compact micro-controller based alarm annunciation system. The system offers annunciation with signaling and Auxiliary (open collector) output. Annunciation inputs are connected to potential free contacts. When fault condition occurs in any one of the connected inputs, annunciator indicates the fault by flashing respective window and energies Hooter Relay. The AB / ABM series inputs have site selection facility for "NO" (make to alarm) and "NC" (break to alarm). User can connect a Hooter through relay for Audio alarm. Facility to connect external "Test, Accept & Reset" push buttons is available on the back side terminals. Dual rate flashing is provided for differentiating the first & subsequent faults.

Up to 32 annunciator units can be surveyed & controlled by software package (SCADA with Modbus I/O Driver). Faults at each Alarm annunciator are logged by the software in a computer file, which can be used later for analysis. The connection from the PC to the units is via. 2 wire RS-485 Bus, using standard RS-485 twisted pair shielded communication cable.

Silent Feature:
  • Based on latest "Micro-controller" technology.
  • Sleek, Compact design for reliable and accurate operation.
  • Series of super bright LED's instead of twin filament lamps for ultimate life at very less power consumption.
  • Fault input contacts NO/NC site selectable by means of DIP switches.
  • Opto-isolated all fault inputs, immune to noise disturbances.
  • Provision for external audible (Bell or Hooter) through potential free relay output contact.
  • Built-in mebran switches for Test, Accept and Reset functions.
  • Two part connector ensures easy replacement and service at site.
  • Dual flashing rate for first fault 300 flashes / min. & Subsequent fault 60 flashes / min.
  • Any specific sequence available on demand.

Computer connectivity
Model  ABM04 ABM06 AB08 AB10 AB12 AB14 AB16
Fault Input Points 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Power Consumption - VA 1.6 1.8 7.7 8.5 9.1 9.8 10.5
Weight - gm. 330 300 710 710 710 710 710
Window Indication Bright Red LED display.
Fault Inputs Potential free contact "NO" or "NC" Micro switch or Aux. Contact of contactor 
Flash Rates For first fault 300 flashes/min. & subsequent fault 60 flashes/min.
Output Relay Contact Rating for Hooter  250mA / 230VAC, 1A / 24 VDC It is advisable to connect additional relay for heavy load
Additional Open Collector o/p for mimic or remote display  100mA Sinking mode 
External Test, Accept and Reset By "NO" push buttons
Operating Supply 12/24/48 V AC/DC
110/230 VAC , 50 Hz + 15%
(Using additional rectifier card)
Leagend  Positive and Negative photo film